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Hello! My name is Heather, and I absolutely love gardening and landscaping. I decided to start a blog about it because I wanted a creative project, and I hadn't written anything in a while. I work as a real estate agent, and I see first hand how important landscaping is in terms of curb appeal. In this blog, I plan to write about a range of landscaping topics, and I hope you like the results. I am married to Steve, an incredible and supportive husband. We have two daughters, Hillary and Sasha, and we spend a lot of time together in our yard. They are at the heart of everything I do, and this blog is dedicated to them. Enjoy!

Two things property owners must do after booking excavating contractors for landscaping projects

21 August 2023
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Here are two things property owners who've booked excavating contractors for landscaping projects must do. They should have a detailed discussion about their excavation requirements Before the excavating contractor can start working on the client's outdoor space, the latter should have a detailed discussion with the former about the specific landscaping features that will require excavation work. For example, if the property owner wants to create multiple paths throughout their garden, they'll need to specify the depth and width of these paths so the contractor can decide which type of excavator and what size bucket they'll need for this landscaping task. Read More …

Say Goodbye to Dense Vegetation: Effective Methods You Can Use

25 May 2023
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Sick and tired of the dense vegetation taking over your yard? It is not only unsightly but also poses a risk to the safety of your outdoor space by providing a perfect breeding ground for pests and bugs. Removing dense vegetation can be intimidating, but there are various methods you can use to get rid of it. From basic hand tools to chemicals, here are some effective methods that can help you get rid of that dense vegetation for good. Read More …