Should you get synthetic grass? Consider these pros and cons first

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Should you get synthetic grass? Consider these pros and cons first

13 June 2016
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Synthetic grass, also called artificial turf, is a great alternative to a traditional lawn. It looks just like natural grass and has many of the same features of grass, but it is often revered as better than a traditional lawn. However, like all lawn options, there are also some drawbacks to consider. It helps to look at the pros and cons before deciding if synthetic grass is a good option for you.

Pro: Synthetic grass is low-maintenance

A common reason to choose synthetic grass over natural grass is that there is almost no maintenance required. You don't ever have to water the synthetic lawn, which not only cuts down on the work you do for the grass, but also on how much water your home goes through. You can also save on costs in other ways, such as not having to buy edgers or a lawnmower, since it doesn't grow and never needs to be cut. You also don't need to use fertilizers in order to keep dead spots away.

Con: The grass feels hotter to the touch

One of the drawbacks to synthetic grass is that it doesn't contain the natural cooling effect of real grass. In the summer and fall when temperatures are higher, synthetic grass can sometimes be unbearable underneath your bare feet. While wetting the grass with a garden hose and having proper shade over the lawn can keep the temperature down low, it isn't quite as comfortable in the heat than if you had natural turf.

Pro: Sports and outdoor activities don't ruin the lawn

When you have natural grass in your backyard, you have to be extra careful about placing a little kiddie pool on the grass or playing sports, such as golf. However, when you have synthetic lawn, the fibers are strong and can handle a lot of these activities. Swinging a golf club on the lawn isn't going to rip it from the ground like it does with natural lawn. You also won't do as much damage when playing in the grass, whether running around with your dogs or putting your kids in a kiddie pool during the summer.

Con: It costs more in the beginning

With all of these benefits, you also end up paying more for the turf in the beginning. While the low maintenance can help you save money in the long run, expect a considerable investment when purchasing the turf and having it installed. Professional installation is recommended to ensure it is laid correctly and you don't have any issues with it.

Pro: There are lots of stylistic options

Synthetic lawn doesn't just have one look, so you also have the option of versatility. There is lawn with short, medium and long blades of grass, as well as varying shades of green. You can also order your lawn with an entirely different colour, such as if you decide to use it indoors, which is definitely something you can do with this type of turf.