Hiring Plants in a Heat Wave: Five Tips to Help

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Hiring Plants in a Heat Wave: Five Tips to Help

28 June 2016
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If you are hiring plants during a heat wave, you should keep the heat in mind and try to ameliorate its effects whilst caring for the plants you have hired. Want to ensure the plants are in great condition when you return them to the plant hire company? Then, take a look at these tips: 

1. Keep the air cool with air conditioning.

If you have hired plants to use in your home, an office building or any other facility, you should adjust the temperature so that it is comfortable for the plants. Ideally, you should display hired plants in a temperature controlled, air conditioned facility.

If that is not possible, make sure that the facility is well ventilated. Also, open windows at night when the air is cool in the evening, and close them during the hot time of day to lock the sun out.

2. Do not place plants by vents or fans.

Although you want the room to be a comfortable temperature, you also want to protect the plants from icy drafts coming from AC vents and fans. To accomplish this, position the plants so they are not in direct proximity of the air vents.

3. Keep plants away from windows.

Just as you want to protect plants from AC vents, you also want to protect them from excessive sunshine coming through windows. In particular, keep plants away from north-facing windows, as they tend to receive the harshest rays during the hot summer months. Alternatively, close window treatments to give plants some respite from the incoming heat.

4. Water plants daily.

In most cases, when you hire plants, the hire company should give you instructions on how and when to water them. Ask the representative, however, if there are any special tips to keep in mind when it is exceptionally hot.

The biggest risk is that the heat will cause the water in the soil to evaporate quickly, potentially causing the plant to dry out. To prevent this effect, feel the soil every day. If it feels dry, water the plant. Also, keep a water bottle handy and mist water loving plants regularly to keep them moist.

5. Hire drought-resistant plants made for hot climates.

If you are worried about caring for hired plants in the heat, make it easy on yourself by hiring plants that are designed to thrive in the heat. This is especially important if you are hiring plants to use outside.