How to Know What Type of Grass to Use in Your Reseeding Project

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How to Know What Type of Grass to Use in Your Reseeding Project

2 May 2017
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You may have fallen in love with the home of your dreams and have decided to purchase, even though you're not particularly happy with the look of the front lawn. You may realise that you need to reseed it, but are not sure about what type of turf you should consider. What do you need to know, as you're planning ahead?

The Usual Choices

In Australia, you usually have three different types of grass to consider in a residential setting. These are Soft Leaf Buffalo, Zoysia and Kikuyu. These will give you the aesthetic appeal you're looking for and they're very tried and tested. On the other hand, try to avoid Couch grass, as this may give you a lot of extra hassle and work to try and keep up with its maintenance.

Sun or Shade?

Next, you need to determine whether the lawn in question has full sun or is in shade. If you have a lot of mature trees, or tend to be facing away from the sun when it is at its highest, you have to choose the grass accordingly. While most types of lawn can cope with this, some are not good if there's a lot of shade. The aforementioned grasses don't really like a lot of shade, but if those trees are really mature and dominant then you should look for a specialty grass, like Dwarf Mondo.


It's best if you can plan ahead when it comes to seeding time. For best results, always try spring or summer, but if you're entering the winter then you're probably going to have better results with Kikuyu, as the others may struggle during the cooler weather.

Feeding Time

Ideally, the soil beneath will be rich in valuable nutrients and not compacted. Sometimes, however, sandy soil is to be found and this will favour Zoysia. Those that find a lot of clay in the working area may be best advised to try Kikuyu, as it is more hardy and able to take root much more efficiently in these situations than the others.


How much time do you want to be spending outdoors, mowing your lawn and tending to the edges? This will also have a bearing on your choice of turf. If you're somebody who has a green thumb and likes to be involved, then Kikuyu is your friend. On the other extreme, Zoysia is great for those who want to set it and forget it whenever possible.

Figuring It O ut

If you're not sure which grass may work in your particular circumstances, have a word with your turf supply expert for specific advice.