How to Decide Whether Buffalo Grass Is Right for Your Location

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How to Decide Whether Buffalo Grass Is Right for Your Location

15 June 2017
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Did you know that Buffalo grass was almost wiped out across Australia recently? Many people put down its resurgence to the lab scientists, who invented several different new varieties, with soft leaves that make the grass more pleasant underfoot and nicer to work with. If you've just recently heard about its resurgence, you may be considering this option for your front lawn at home. Is it right for you?

How to Choose

Buffalo grass, like every other type of lawn material, has its particular strengths and weaknesses according to its host environment. Replacing a lawn can be a significant project and it's always best to understand what type of grass is going to be most successful when all is said and done.

Sun Exposure

You need to determine how much sun your lawn is going to get. Buffalo grass is known for its tolerance to shade, so if you have a number of mature trees, or your property itself masks the sun during the heat of the day, this could be a choice for you. It's also true to say, however, that the different varieties of Buffalo grass perform better than others, depending on the amount of shade. You need to ask your supplier what's best for you in your specific circumstances.

Weed Resistance

It's also quite resistant to weeds and will remain in good health and condition, no matter what encroachment you may suffer. This is not to say that you should let weeds run amok, however, and should keep them in check as you would with any other type of grass.

Managed Growth

Expect Buffalo grass to be quite passive, certainly in relation to other types of grass such as Kikuyu. These other varieties can "creep" into borders, adjacent lawns and even into adjoining properties, but this type of grass does not have any underground "runners" and consequently is not aggressive when it comes to growth.

Thatch Growth

You may like to reconsider this option if your lawn has unrestricted sun throughout the day. Some people think that it will rise too much and create a number of thatch layers that are not necessarily attractive. If this is not too much of a problem for you, then consider Buffalo grass for your sun-drenched garden.

Making a Decision

If you have any questions in relation to this type of grass versus another option, have a word with expert suppliers to come up with your plan. Remember, there's a reason why this grass is enjoying a great deal of popularity, as it is a good all-around choice for most situations. Contact companies that have Buffalo turf for sale for more information and assistance.