4 Great Reasons to Buy a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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4 Great Reasons to Buy a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

12 July 2017
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While plenty of homeowners now opt for ride-on mowers, there are plenty that still stick with the walk-behind mower. If that's the kind of mower you're after, you might want to think about picking a self-propelled model. As the name suggests, a self-propelled mower largely moves forward under its own steam, and that comes with plenty of advantages. Here are just four.

1. Reduced Mowing Time and Effort

Perhaps the most obvious reason to pick up a self-propelled mower is that they are a lot easier to use. Instead of having to push through heavy grass or up slopes, the mower does most of the work for you. That's great since it won't wear you out, something that can be particularly likely on a hot summer's day when the grass really needs cutting. You'll also get the job done a lot faster, and you'll probably consume less fuel in the process. If you haven't bought a new mower for a while, you might want to keep in mind that newer mowers for sale tend to be heavier than older ones thanks to all the new features, so self-propelled makes more sense.

2. More Even Cut

Maybe you're the sort of person who can work outside all day without ever getting tired. That's great, but there are still several compelling reasons to pick a self-propelled mower. For example, you'll end up with a much more even cut since the mower will keep moving evenly across your lawn; with a push mower, you'll tend to go fast over flat areas and then slow over thicker or sloped sections.

3. Variable Speeds

Sometimes you'll need the mower to go faster and sometimes you'll be fine with it going slower. You may also want to slow down the self-propulsion system when you go around tighter areas. The self-propelled mower lets you do that since many have variable speed systems. This means that you can adjust the speed at which the mower moves itself, allowing you to fit around different needs with ease.

4. Multiple Drive Options

Finally, you'll find that self-propelled lawn mowers are versatile in terms of drive type. If you have a very flat lawn, a front-wheel drive model is going to provide power low enough for easy turning but high enough to keep moving you forwards. If you need to use a large bag or if you need to mow up relatively steep inclines, a rear-wheel drive model will provide the necessary traction.