Commercial Landscaping: Three Practical Irrigation Tips to Improve Water Efficiency

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Commercial Landscaping: Three Practical Irrigation Tips to Improve Water Efficiency

18 December 2017
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The cost of irrigating commercial landscapes can be high. However, you cannot afford to neglect the maintenance of your natural turf and gardens. If these are not watered correctly, they will be more vulnerable to wilting and drying, and the appeal of the property will decline significantly. If you are struggling with managing your irrigation bills, you should think about employing different techniques to control your total water usage. Here are some practical tips to get you started on improving your water efficiency in commercial landscaping irrigation. 

Choose Suitable Systems

If you have been using an old irrigation system, you should think about replacing it with a modern alternative. In the past, these products were not designed to ensure maximum water efficiency. Therefore, their continued usage can be wasteful and inefficient and considerably more expensive for your business. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved through the introduction of smart and efficient features in modern irrigation systems. 

In simple terms, there are products designed to minimise the amount of water used in turf and garden maintenance. For example, some systems are designed to spread the water droplets more evenly, reducing the total amount of liquid required. Also, there are products which have smart controllers to prevent irrigation during rainfall or when the ground is wet. You should compare the water efficiency in different products before purchase.

Consider Landscape Zoning

You should think about creating a landscape zoning plan to ensure efficient use of water. In simple terms, you should divide your landscaping into various sections and irrigate the separate areas according to their unique needs. This strategy is beneficial if you have diverse types of plants on your property. For example, flowers, natural turf and shrubs require different amounts of water. If you choose to irrigate them equally, you will waste your water and even damage your plants. By creating zones, you will ensure maximum efficiency and promote better plant health. 

Establish a Suitable Schedule

Finally, you should establish a suitable irrigation schedule for your commercial landscaping. The chosen time and duration for irrigation will determine the efficiency of water usage, and the decision might even affect the wellness of your turf and garden. When deciding on the timetable, you must take numerous factors into account, including the sun exposure, season, type of plant and soil. Under ideal circumstances, you should consult a commercial irrigation service for guidance on the best irrigation times and duration. Also, you should install a programmable controller for convenience.