Renewing Old Concrete: Concrete Refurbishing Guidelines to Help You Renew Your Patio

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Renewing Old Concrete: Concrete Refurbishing Guidelines to Help You Renew Your Patio

8 May 2018
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Concrete patios over time begin to show signs of aging that include discoloration, cracks and stains. The surface of your concrete patio may also wear out and develop small pits that take away its beauty. However, you don't have to tolerate a patio that is beat down and robs your outdoors of its curb appeal. Below are some quick-fix renovation solutions you may want to consider and use to restore the beauty of your patio.

Consider concrete staining

Staining the surface of your concrete patio is one way you can easily refurbish your patio at home. Concrete stains last long and take a shorter period of time to apply than other concrete renovation solutions, such as concrete resurfacing. Remember that you should apply stains with a spray and not brushes or rollers. Also, if you want to achieve the best results ensure you clean the slab well and apply a sealer to prolong the lifespan of the stain.

If you're not well aware of how to apply concrete stain on your patio, then it's advisable that you consult an expert in concrete construction who may advise you how to apply concrete stain. Remember that concrete stains can be acid or water based. So, working with a professional contractor enables you to choose the best option. For instance, acid-based concrete stains last longer than water-based stains, whereas water-based stains have a wide array of colours you can choose from unlike acid-based stains.

Resurface your patio

Concrete resurfacing is a great option you can use to renew your concrete patio. This method of renewing concrete surfaces is advantageous as you can achieve a look nearly identical to a brand new concrete flooring. Furthermore, the process uses a lesser amount of the material and takes less time unlike an overhaul reconstruction process.

Remember that you can change the surface appeal of your patio into a different shade, pattern or texture. For instance, instead of plain concrete, you can opt to have brick-like or granite finishes. It's advisable that you consult a professional concrete contractor who may advise you the best concrete resurface you should buy to get the finish that you desire.

Lay tiles on concrete patio

It's likely that you may want to avoid fitting tiles over your concrete patio as you imagine the process is extremely cumbersome. However, laying tiles over concrete is an easy-to-do process that must not involve demolition and reconstruction of your patio. For instance, you have the option of using mortar. Mortar is a material that is spread on the surface and helps to glue tiles into place. Remember that it's essential to apply a sealant on your concrete patio before laying the mortar. A sealant helps prevent moisture absorption that is likely to damage your flooring.

If your concrete patio is worn-out and unappealing, you can easily and affordably renovate. The tips above-mentioned on concrete patio refurbishing can help you to conveniently regain the beautiful cluster of your concrete patio. For more information, contact a local expert in landscaping supplies.