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Hello! My name is Heather, and I absolutely love gardening and landscaping. I decided to start a blog about it because I wanted a creative project, and I hadn't written anything in a while. I work as a real estate agent, and I see first hand how important landscaping is in terms of curb appeal. In this blog, I plan to write about a range of landscaping topics, and I hope you like the results. I am married to Steve, an incredible and supportive husband. We have two daughters, Hillary and Sasha, and we spend a lot of time together in our yard. They are at the heart of everything I do, and this blog is dedicated to them. Enjoy!

Own A Commercial Building? 4 Ways You’ll Benefit From An Automatic Sprinkler System

15 July 2021
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When you own a commercial building, all responsibility for the upkeep rests on your shoulders. Part of that upkeep includes the landscaping. When the landscaping looks good, so does your commercial building. Proper irrigation is crucial when it comes to caring for your commercial landscaping. Unfortunately, many commercial property owners don't consider the irrigation system. If you haven't invested in a commercial sprinkler system, here are four great reasons to put that project at the top of your list. Read More …

Creating a Garden in a Homeless Hostel

19 April 2021
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The goal of a garden is to make the place you are in more welcoming. A garden's design and the plants you put in it can help decorate and beautify an area that may have otherwise seemed drab. With enough time, dedication and effort, the garden can become a must-visit destination for those who live there or come to visit. This article will tell you how to create an aesthetically pleasing garden at a homeless hostel using landscaping supplies. Read More …

How Can You Repair Lawn Damage Caused by Heavy Equipment?

21 October 2020
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If you've recently had to deal with a major tree problem in your back garden, you may have had to bring in experts with some sizeable equipment. To access the area in question, they may have had to drive this equipment over your pristine lawn and, due to the prevailing weather conditions at the time, this has caused a great deal of damage. How can you return your lawn to its original condition in a situation like this? Read More …

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Lawn Mower

16 July 2020
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Lawn mowers are a staple in every Australian shed, from the push-operated ones used by your grandfather to the brand-new electric versions that are extremely quiet but powerful. With more people stuck at home due to COVID-19 than ever before, more and more people are getting back into gardening and being more aware of their yard. Every home needs a lawn mower, and if you have been considering upgrading for a while, then now is the perfect time to do it. Read More …

Is a Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower Worth The Hype?

20 March 2019
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If you are meticulous about lawn care, it is likely that you have heard about zero-turn mowers. Nonetheless, if your regular push mower works correctly, you may be hesitant about splurging on a ride-on mower since it may seem like an unnecessary expense. In truth, these mowers, which look similar to mini bumper cars, are actually more efficient at mowing than your traditional push mower. In fact, there has been a growing interest in zero-turn mowers, which has subsequently boosted the popularity of ride-on mowers. Read More …